Once a creative, always a creative... Radha has been in the pursuit of the soul and spirit in all her artistic endeavors since the early age of 3. For the past 15 years, Radha has been a singer / songwriter with music placed in film and TV, was recognized by iHeartRadio as an “Artist To Watch”, and had the honor of opening to an audience of 30,000+ for EXIT Festival in Serbia, one of the largest and most prestigious award-winning music festivals in all of Europe. Radha has performed in concerts with a range of artists from Fleetwood Mac to Skrillex, as well as opened several NBA games with the U.S. National Anthem.Since giving birth to her first child in the fall of 2016, Radha decided to return to a much quieter, yet just as fulfilling, creative outlet - painting. Although painting is not new to her (Radha had won many awards in drawing and painting as a child and teenager), Radha’s return to painting was a form of therapy while embarking upon a new chapter in life as a mother. Radha kicked off this new artistic endeavor by challenging herself with #the100dayproject in abstract expressionism on instagram and created at least 1 painting a day. The visual nature of painting allowed and continues to allow for instant gratification and a sense of creative accomplishment. As most artists know, feeling accomplished creatively can be quite difficult, but the very act of creating provides a sense of fulfillment, and in turn, joy and happiness. Radha strives to explore that energy every chance she can with her newborn son, and that is largely thanks to her tapping into the freedom and ability to create art.

“The higher the wave goes, the deeper is the wake that follows it.”— OSHO

OSHO's quote represents the journey I am currently exploring through abstract expressionism and fluid painting. The deep and rich colors of nature, particularly water with its glorious shades of blue and earth with its enlightening shades of green, continue to inspire my works every day. The abstract nature of my paintings allows me the freedom to experience the peaks (excitement) and valleys (hollowness) of emotions on a continual and simultaneous basis, while never knowing nor having full control of the outcome. The process in itself is meditative for me, and the instant gratification I get the moment my paint is poured serves to keep me balanced in state of mind.

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